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Crafters Village Online Market invites you to read the articles, stories and experiences of places and people. Everyone has a story but many aren't seen or heard; we hope to share them with you on our story board.


Meet the Crafter – Bernard

Supporting People and their Local Handmade Products – Meet Bernard

We at Crafters Village meet amazing Crafters, each of our Crafters have a unique story to tell.

We love each story told; everything about them and what they stand for!



At Crafters Village we stock and sell their amazing handcrafted goods.

Here is one of many Crafters I had an opportunity to meet – Bernard from Pretoria, residing in a small township! I came across Bernard and his teams craft at a market in August 2014. I glazed closely at his handcrafted goods and when he asked if he could help me with something; I told him “your craft is beautiful”. For a moment there was a pause and soon a huge smile with a ‘ah thank you so much’. I sensed so much gratitude, and was it because of what I had said – probably.

I really wanted Bernard’s craft to be part of Crafters Village and a few weeks later we met to collect his stock and oh my; this lovely man laid out an entire section of a parking lot to display their handcrafted goods.

While these gorgeous photos were being taken by a divine friend helping us, we were being harassed by the head of security – fortunately we were able to negotiate a bit of time allowing us to finish the shoot and collect the stock. Of course my friend taking the pictures was oblivious to this while gracefully taking her pictures, I suppose as a photographer should?

Needless to say we had to rush and will I do it again for Bernard – absolutely. 

We asked Bernard for a photo of his workshop, where the heart of his business is ‘pumping’ and I got a photo I will probably never forget. This picture is not about what they do or don’t have, but rather about the pride Bernard and his team present!