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Crafters Finding Markets

I am often asked by Crafters, “how do I find markets” and/or “how do I know which markets will accept my craft”?

I hope this short article helps you a bit.

Markets are a great way to connect to new customers and existing ones.

Finding markets on Facebook is probably the easiest way, but you have to search for them. If you are seeking a list of markets, you can enter ‘Market’ within the search bar in Facebook as your first step.

But ensure to select ‘See more results for Market’ because only the first 8 will appear.

From there you may have to open each one individually for more information.

If there is a market of interest to you, you should really try and visit first. This will give you an idea if the market is right for you. One example; you are selling a product that stands really tall, the market venue is situated in a basement and there are height limitations, or you pack a gazebo, however you aren’t required to bring one, so you then land up using space. The market organisers are very helpful and will guide you on their set up.

Most organisers ask that you send them information about your products and also include some pictures. They always try and accommodate everyone. On Facebook you will always get their information, so either send them a message (inbox) on Facebook or contact them if there is a number available.

Book your stalls in advance, and plan your dates to ensure that you are at markets often. It doesn’t have to be at the same market every time, some markets might only have an event once a month, don’t be scared to be at more than one!

Here are only a few markets I have listed which you can find on Facebook:

Another great source of info, please see Markets, Fairs & Festivals

I wish you well - From Genevie @ Crafters Village