About Crafters Village

Welcome to Crafters Village Online Market. We are an online shopping market that sources items handmade by Crafters in South Africa and around the world.  A place for you to purchase exclusive handmade craft delivered to your door. See which markets are on in the gossip section, you may even meet some of the amazing Crafters. We hope you enjoy our online market and your shopping experience with us.


About Crafters Village

Welcome to Crafters Village Online Market (Pty) Ldt; and online shopping market was founded by Genevie Vince based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Genevie found there to be plenty of amazing Crafters at various markets and most of the craft was almost impossible to purchase anywhere else outside of actually going to a specific market. This limited that ability of Crafters to sell their wares to a broader customer base and prevent people from knowing just what amazing talent there is in the country.

Crafters Village was created to offer exclusive products that are strictly hand-made by Crafters from a diverse cross-section of South African Society, from the townships to the northern suburbs of Johannesburg; as well as shipping products from outside the country like Madagascar and India. Each item shows the dedication and loving care etched into each stitch, grain or paint spot that makes them special.

Most of our Crafters and products can be found at Markets around the country, if you want to meet the Crafters face-to-face, you can find out where they will be in the Gossip section.

All the craft available online is warehoused and shipped from the Crafters Village store, ensuring that each unique product purchased will be delivered to your door in a shortest amount of time. It is our goal to try and ensure that you get the same products at as-close to the price you would pay at the market.